About Us


Our Team

Confluence of motivated, talented, compassionate, charitable and successful individuals who ensure each other’s life success and make a positive impact on the welfare of others.


Our History

Founded on November 1, 2018, IFC United is the collaborative dream of the founders to consolidate efforts of local individuals who were looking to ‘give back’ in a meaningful way.  The IFC is a CO-ED organization and accepts volunteers of all ages.

Brielle Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - December 8, 2018

Our Mission

A highly selective organization that unites skills, experiences and resources of distinctive individuals with the core purpose of pooling energies in support of members and local charitable causes to create a better community.

Free movie night


Popcorn and refreshments provided by IFC United to enjoy the movie!


All ages enjoyed watching The Greatest Showman at Algonquin Theater in Manaquan, NJ.

Table Tennis Tournament - May 2019

Co-Ed Event

Kids of All Ages!

Table Tennis Winners


 The IFC Table Tennis Event raised $1.6k for the Common Ground Grief Center located in Manasquan, NJ!   

Table Tennis Winners

Kids of All Ages!

Table Tennis Winners


Check out the big winners! 18 & older winner Bruce Stamos & runner up Brain Carton. 17 & younger winner Danny Colon & runner up Aleyna Schuett.

Kids of All Ages!

Kids of All Ages!

Kids of All Ages!


Kids of all ages showed up to play a family fun game of table tennis!